With AB Tasty...

Launch your tests
in just a few minutes.

Place our HTML code
in your pages
then forget it's there:
the same tag is used for
each of your tests.
Use our plug-ins
for e-commerce platforms
such as Magento and Prestashop
to make things even easier.

Modify your pages
however you like.

You don't need to know HTML,
CSS or Javascript
to bring your optimization ideas to life.
If you are competent with
these languages,
an advanced editing mode
gives you complete control
over your modifications.

Carry out any test at all
with just a few clicks.

You can create A/B tests,
tests on sequences of pages or
multivariate tests, and all with
the same ease.
All the features you need
to implement your envisaged
test scenario are provided,
whether it involves targeting particular
pages only,
or particular visitors based on their
behavior on the site.

Measure the indicators
that really matter.

You define the indicators to
track when comparing the performances
of your different modifications:
bounce rate, number of pages viewed, click rate,
sign-ups and, of course,
purchases made on your site.

Link your tests to
your analytics tools.

Integrate your A/B tests with the main web
analytics tools on the market to
a better understanding of both
your visitors and your test results.

Benefit from a 1st
class service.

Our support team will
help you with any questions
you may have about using
AB Tasty or about the best
way to implement a test.

You are in
good company

Bouygues Telecom, Boulanger, But, B&you

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