Link AB Tasty to new,
third-party tools.

Piwik, Kissmetric, ClickTale, Crazy Egg, ...
you can integrate your test results into
newer web analytics tools,
in addition to Google Analytics
or AT Internet.

Target your pages,
whatever their URL format.

If none of your URLs share a common format,
you can still target them by choosing a HTML or CSS
element they have in common and using the
"Target by class / id / element" function.

Base your decisions on your transaction data.

Consider incorporating the e-commerce
tag to access additional
indicators that will help
you evaluate the performance of your
variations: average cart
value, visit value and total gain per variation.

your favorite goals.

If you regularly track the same goals for each of your tests,
store the parameters of your favorites in your account.
To save you time, they will automatically be
added to each of your future tests.

Manage your
modification history.

Using the "Modifications" panel in
the AB Tasty editor,
quickly retrieve a particular
modification from amongst all the changes
made to the current variation and rapidly edit it.

Organize your
tests effectively.

Use labels and create folders to categorize your tests and access them quickly from the dashboard.

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